We Are All Drying Out

We Are All Drying Out

Recently – after years of thinking that I knew something about nutrition and health – I learned that I really didn’t understand the nature of water as it relates to essential health.

Boy was I all wet…

What got me started was reading a very interesting article that really got me thinking differently about water. Subsequently, I spent most of an entire day searching the engines for articles and research about water, hydration, superhydration and cleansing.

My fiancee has been after me to drink more water consistently for about 18 months. I’ve acquiesced and started drinking a lot more water in the last few months – actually replacing a good deal of beer consumption with ‘aqua’.

  • There’s a lot of content on the net about water and hydration most of which relates to selling visitors water filtration systems. Which – by the way – are really good things to be selling. Distilling the content of lots of searches on the subject, what occurred to me is that we are not really aging prematurely as a culture (here in the United States), we are all DRYING OUT.That’s where the wrinkles are coming from – shrinking. Think about it.
  • Leave A Piece of Fruit on the Counter and What Happens?
  • Leave a piece of fruit on the counter in your kitchen for a while and what happens to it? It shrinks and wrinkles up – as it dehydrates and oxidizes.
  • Dehydration ties into lots of other things too, like mental clarity (or the lack of it) and basic-essential metabolic functions. Coupled with an increased focus and consumption of nutritional products and water, I have noticed a number of changes on a personal level:
    • weight loss
    • deeper sleep
    • accelerated metabolism
    • improved mental acuity
    • improved elimination

    Something else popped into my awareness. If our skin is wrinkling and shriveling on the exterior as we reach deeper levels of dehydration, imagine what it must be like internally?

    Obviously – in addition to hydration – oxidation, free radicals and antioxidants all play a major role in this. But what could be more basic to cellular health than water?

    What’s happening to cell tissue and our organs when we are ‘under-hydrated’?

    And what about the brain?

    It says that the brain is 77-78% water here:


    This experience has triggered a new desire in me to learn everything I can about water and drink tons of it.

    Over the next few months, I’m going to find out everything I can on the subject and share it here. I’m starting to feel like a ‘water evangelist.’ It even prompted me to re-subscribe to the monthly trade journal of the Water Quality Association and rekindled my goal to get certified with a level 5 WQA certification.

    It seems like there is nothing more essential and easier to fix than making a habit of drinking large quantities of good, clean water.

    Good clean water is a subject for a series of blogs to follow.

    That’s it for today.

    We are all drying out.

    Atlanta, GA

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    John April 27, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    I have been doing close to 3 hours of intense cardio per week and the results “weight loss” has been slow. After reading various articles about superhydration I am without doubt very dehydrated.


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