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Is MSG Linked to Obesity?

by Michael on October 27, 2007

Should We Stop Eating MSG To Be Healthy?

It’s amazing how much smoke and mirrors exists out there regarding toxins. But the subject it getting to be a pretty important issue. Regular detox and cleansing are becoming a necessary health maintenance process.

They accumulate in our bodies different ways on a regular basis via:

  1. the air we breath
  2. the water we drink
  3. pesticides and chemicals on the food
  4. food additives in the food

As I was researching info for a new eBook yesterday, I came across some links talking about ‘the slow poisoning of America’. You can Google the same topic and read the details for yourself.

The primary topic in the discussion is MSG or monosodium glutamate.

Following links in the articles, I came to a website ( and typed in msg obese . It is amazing to me that there is such a large quantity of scientific papers on the subject of studying obesity in rats ‘using monosodium glutamate obese rats’.

Translating this, it says that they used MSG to create obesity in laboratory rats to create ‘pre-diabetic conditions’ for research purposes.

Scientists and food manufctaurers and processors have known that MSG stimulates obesity since the 70’s.

And yet, MSG is regarded by the FDA and food manufacturers as a standard food flavoring ingredient like pepper or salt.

Given that obesity is such a chronic national problem, why is this information being ignored? Even if there are no other inherent health risks associated with MSG, isn’t potentially stimulating obesity something we should discuss openly as a nation and a culture?

Whatever the agenda is about ‘not making a big deal out of this’ my suggestion is to read some of the articles about research studies published on that web site for yourself.

And after you read them, you decide if you are going to continue to eat MSG or not.

For myself, I have not eaten MSG knowingly for a long time. But I was never aware of the potential side effect of eating it – obesity – before yesterday.

What do you think?

It stimulates within me, a desire to get anything and everything out of my body that doesn’t belong there. Regardless whether you think detox and cleansing is something you want to do personally or not,

why not stop eating MSG in case it is impacting your weight?

This seems particularly important if you are having problems loosing weight.

What do you think? Should We Stop Eating MSG To Be Healthy?

Is MSG Linked To Obesity?

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