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To Be Healthy Requires a Healthy Lifestyle

by Michael on September 24, 2007

To Be Healthy Requires a Healthy Lifestyle

Is your lifestyle healthy? Does it match your needs? Are you happy most of the time and love what you do on a daily basis? Do you feel good – physically? about who you are? about your relationships?

I came across a great blog yesterday on Beginners Guide to Mastering Web Basics Sherman Hu’s Facebook Group.

It is a blog about a boomer couple, Ty and Mari’s Mobile Lifestyle Blog , traveling North America in a motor home.

What could be more fun than spending most of your time with the person you love, doing things you both want and going places together. Meeting new friends, seeing places you’ve always wanted to see – at your own pace when and how you want.


It occurred to me that there isn’t a more appealing lifestyle to me. Free from the rat race, the pressures, the obligations. It also made me think that we always have a choice. We can change what we don’t like and do what we do like at any time.

Matching the lifestyle that fits who we are is critical if we want to be healthy.

Look at Mari and Ty. Read their blog.

Inspired by Tim Ferriss and the “Four Hour Workweek”, they sold their house in San Diego, bought a motor home and hit the road. Blogging, traveling, real estate investing as they cruise North America.

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

We have talked about doing this off and on for a year – or some variation of it. While we’ve been talking, Mari and Ty did it.

Carpe Diem. It’s time to stop talking about all the things we are ‘GOING’ to do and start doing them. We have decide to make some major changes in our life and quit talking about them.

Doing what you really want in your life – what brings you joy and what has meaning – really make up a key component – of a healthy lifestyle. And if you really want to be healthy, you need to choose a lifestyle that really makes you happy and fulfilled.

What are you waiting for? We’re not waiting anymore.

We’ll keep you posted…

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