To Be Healthy.Com Part 2

To Be Healthy.Com Part 2

TaiChi, Meditation, Chiropractic, Herbs, Acupuncture, Internal Gungfu…

From 1973 to 2007, I have studied, read about, practised and utilized various combinations of taichi, meditation, chiropractic, herbs, acupuncture, internal gungfu and natural foods combined with pure water.

Some periods of time included as much as three hours a day of practice – while others included none for months at a time.

Overall though, throughout most of those years people often ask, “Where do you get all your energy?”

I’m simple in some ways.

When I was young (like 8), if a doctor was weasing and coughing, during my ‘annual physical’ for camp, I remember thinking what is this guy telling me about being healthy? He can’t even breath right. I can run him into the ground on the baseball field.

It didn’t matter to me that he was a doctor. At age eight, I could tell he wasn’t healthy. It’s never been the label or the title to me. If a person walks his talk, I listen.

Anyway, still the same.

Same general disregard for authority when it is wrong or mistaken.

The only difference is that now I’m often twenty or thirty years older than a lot of the people who ask me, “Where do you get all that energy?”

I made the decision many years ago that I was going to have a very long life because I have a lot of things to get done. And there is no way I am going to drag around a catheter behind a wheel chair for 20 years.

After all these years, I am even more convinced I made many of the right choices early enough to make a difference in my life and my primary motivation now is to help as many people as I can find health, keep health and sincerely make a difference in their lives.

Helping other people learn how to be healthy is a passion for me.

And that’s why I did two years of pre-med way back when. It’s also the reason I have always enjoyed teaching health related topics.

Please understand that I am also a technology ‘freak’. I love gadgets and scientific breakthroughs and cool technology that helps people get results in anything they do – whether it is physical diagnostics, work out equipment, software, instantaneous world wide communication on the internet, state of the art manufacturing or ancient technologies developed by Chinese masters, Tibetan Lamas or Egyptian or Roman engineers.

But I also believe that whatever it is that a ‘professional’ recommends, it should get results.

If it doesn’t, why is that person – or that company – getting paid?

I think lawyers started all this. Bill and bill and bill – and no results.

I believe that if they don’t get results, they should get fired just like you and me when we do not meet our expected outcomes for which we are being remunerated.

And they should have to give us our money back.

Regarding health, the system is getting so convoluted many people don’t know who to believe anymore. Personally, I unplugged from that whole system in 1977.

I rarely – almost never – get sick. From 1977 to present, I ingested antibiotics one time in 2003 after a surgery for a severely broken wrist. As I write this, there is not even an aspirin in the house.

There is an almost full bag of sugar in the pantry because my daughter insisted on sugar in her coffee when she came to stay with us for a couple of months.

I’ll probably end up throwing it out a year from now.

But there is a bottle of Bob Barefoot coral calcium on the bathroom sink, next to the Isa Flush and Natural Acclerator. We had fresh organic blueberries in a blended drink with Isa Fruits, water and ice with breakfast. Yummo…

Last night we had our favorite salad. It had organic ‘greens’, organic baby carrots, Greek kalamata olives, crumbled feta cheese, freshly cut thin strips of red onion, all topped with raw pecans, dried cranberries and drizzled with extra virgin live oil.

And last night we had a scoop of tuna and mayo on top.

We drink water that is first filtered through activated carbon charcoal, then treated with UV, then run through a reverse osmosis unit. Sometimes we get, deionized water.

But that’s all we drink – never tap water.

We eat organic fruits and veggies and we walk every day. I practise qigong and ‘soft’ gungfu several times a week in my bedroom. We meditate and practise positive mental imagery and visualization.

We listen to guys like Dr David Hawkins in traffic and soothing music that helps maintain focus and balance. We read and study – but most of all we DO.

We believe that if you want to be healthy, you need to balance all aspects of your life.

Longevity is a great thing but only if you get to enjoy it.

Get ready cause here we come.

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