To Be Healthy.Com Part 1

To Be Healthy .Com is coming and it’s been a long time in the making.

Over the next year many things will happen here. We are starting with a blog and have plans to expand the url into a portal of sorts.

We’ll talk more about that more in a minute.

The authors have been involved in the study and application of a healthy lifestyle since the early 70’s. One of the things that triggered the search initially was damage to a left knee from repetitive hyper-extension during six Karate workouts a week in 1971-1972.

Subsequent visits to the ‘knee specialist’ created a very clear picture in the mind of a 20 year old ‘man-boy’. It became evident that my body had no intention of allowing anybody to remove parts of ‘it’s’ knee.

My body took on a survival mode – almost on its own – demanding both attention and an alternative to the knife. It’s hard to explain the awareness here – but however the communication was received, it was clear in no uncertain terms, this was not optional.

On some level I was compelled to obey my body and intuitively, knew it was the right thing to do.

The Search Begins For Efficacy In Natural Healing

That process began a search for ways to heal the body using natural methods – but the over-riding factor was the inherent belief that the body could heal itself – given the right support and tools needed to activate the healing process internally.

Over the course of 37 years, we have read a lot of books. Been to a lot of health fairs. Taken courses and attended lectures on many health related topics.

We have eaten many different styles of food and types of diets – not diets in the weight loss sense. Rather ‘food’ lifestyles around different aspects of food combining, no meat, lean meat, game meat, fish, vegetarian, lacto-veggie, macrobiotic veggie, and even ‘lacto-macrobiotic’ – which is kind of an oxymoron in itself.

We have used nutritional supplements from many companies – including Shaklee, NeoLife, Herbalife, New Vision and Isagenix.

I stopped drinking tap water in 1973 when they added flouride in Berkeley, CA. Just about that time, we had done a week’s study about Flourine in my Inorganic Chemistry class in the pre-med program.

I thought, “What kind of moron came up with that bright idea?”

For years, we bought most of our groceries at The Food Mill in Oakland – all our grains and pasta and legumes – in bulk, including 50 pound sacks of short grain organic brown rice.

During the college years, we started eating organic whenever possible (usually budget driven but also location and proximity to supply) pre-Whole Foods.


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