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To Be Healthy: Boomer Healthy Obsession

by Michael on March 14, 2008

This retired 63 year old educator from San Francisco, Andrea Lai Pujolar, has a healthy obsession, Karate. She holds her 3rd degree black belt.

Read the article here: Healthy Obsession

This is great and I applaud Andrea for such dedication and clarity of purpose. It’s great to see the martial arts move into the Boomer arena.

This should be the model of the 50+ generation instead of those images projected by the media of illness instead of wellness. A fit 63 year old female martial artist in a Karate gee is a much better picture to me than the projections of advertisers of people:

  • in pain or
  • in wheelchairs or
  • waiting in line to buy "long term health care" insurance before it’s too late

Frankly I think working out at the Dojo several times a week is the best long term health care insurance she could probably buy anyway.

Great job. You get my vote as Healthy Boomer of the month.
A big thumbs up – keep it up Andrea!

What a great healthy obsession.



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