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The Total Gym

by Michael on December 30, 2007

Fun, Easy and Effective

As far as a ‘burn’ goes in a workout, I get results very quickly with a Total Gym.

Chuck Norris’s Workout Equipment Choice

You know the machine that Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley have endorsed for a long time.

By the way, I read Chuck Norris’s book, "Against All Odds" a couple of years ago. Not a literary masterpiece – but a really interesting story – having been a Chuck Norris fan since 1971, it was nice to learn more about his life, his integrity and how he grew his own success story.

But I mention this here because in the book, he tells the story of how he became a Total Gym enthusiast. At the time, Norris was scheduled for shoulder surgery. He was approached by the manufacturers of the Total Gym. They asked him to try working out with their machine prior to the medical procedure. He agreed, postponed the operation and got such good results he never did have the need to get shoulder surgery. He has sworn by the Total Gym ever since.

He offered to endorse the product for ‘no compensation’ because he liked the product so much. Instead Total Gym made him a spokesperson – and he still is today.

John Carleo – The Ultimate Role Model For Baby Boomer Workouts

John Carleo is pretty amazing. He is the trainer in the instruction video that came with my first Total Gym. I found out later that at age 50, he broke the World Power Lifting record. But he didn’t use free weights for training and his only training equipment was the Total Gym.

From his website we learn that  a couple of years ago, he did something even more amazing, at age 60 he set another world record:

"On February 12, 2005 in Oklahoma City I set new American and World  power lifting records and actually lifted more weight than I did 10 years ago at age 50. Once again I used my 6 to 8 minute a day training program exclusively."

And more specifcally John Carleo says:

I believe 6 to 8 minutes of exercise a day on Total Gym is all that is needed by any one including professional athletes. I’m in my sixties and pound for pound I’m stronger than most 300lb professional football players. My total weight lifted at age 62 at the Nationals was 1003 pounds, 6.27 times my body weight. A 300 pound football player would have to lift 1,881 pounds (6.27 times his body weight) to beat me. I don’t think there are many, if any, that could and that’s why I believe Total Gym and my video should be in every home in America.

Now that’s saying something. By all standards that makes John an expert by my way of thinking. There’s something else that’s really cool too.

John Carleo also has a effective workout video that does not require equipment

If equipment is not in your current budget, John created a video for a superior workout using only a chair and a towel. So he’s got something for everybody. If you’d like more info about John Carleo’s training videos or would like to get your own Total Gym, go to John Carleo.

The thing I like about John’s training videos is that his program meet my criteria for physical training to enable the greatest number of people to benefit and burn fat. And he’s just so straight forward and easy to understand in the videos.

The Total Gym workout is a subtle and yet very comprehensive process. When I followed the instruction videos that came with the machine, I felt a good solid burn in about 5-7 minutes consistently.

In addition, I like this machine because it is very effective for creating limber muscle tone and a really comprehensive stretching and flexibility. I think this machine can be calibrated to almost any physical body type to create an effective program for each individual.

Another benefit I really like is that it creates useable strength like Gung Fu practice does.

I’ve never understood the advantage of 30 inch biceps if you can not effectively scratch your own shoulder.

Relax guys – just a joke…

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The Total Gym Is a Fun and Easy Way To Be Healthy

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admin January 11, 2008 at 6:42 pm

Ahh the Total Gym! And Chuck Norris is one of my all time heros! When I found out how old he was I had to buy a total gym so I beat you to the punch on that one but now I also have a new fitness hero in John Corleo. I am discovering some hot boomer men on the net in the fitness category and I love it!

Baby Boomer Life


Larry Lance February 26, 2009 at 9:08 pm

I remember listening to John Carleo at the Back Alley gym. He was always giving advise to the younger guys and went out of his way to be helpful.My brother Chris and I looked up to John and some of older guys who used to lift at the Gym. I remember John used to bring in the total gym before it was the total gym. Its was nice to see a local guy make it big! I enjoyed his story and did not know Mr Carleo was from Braddock Pa. (same town my Parents were from)

Larry Lance


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