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SRC4U GM David Qigong Software

by Michael on March 27, 2011

Grand Master David and SRC4U Software

With this software, you can learn how to be healthy by enhancing whatever it is that you are doing regarding improvement – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. GM David calls it a qigong enhancement tool. And he ought to know.

You can read more about Grand Master David Harris here.

Turning Points

Ever noticed how there are turning points in our lives? And have you also noticed that many times we do not recognize those turning points when they are occurring?

Earlier in life, it was easy for me to miss these events – only to recognize them in retrospect. At this stage of my life, it seems much easier not to overlook important moments. As if a new type of radar has been installed in my consciousness that activates in internal notification system telling me:


Meeting Grand Master David was one of those turning points in my life. It was also a fundamental point of correction, coupled with Core Health (the work of Dr. Ed Carlson), my life has changed – for the better – significantly in the last two years.

And that’s a good thing. It was time.

Doing Core Health Workshops and Heart Forgiveness Workshops over the last year and a half has given me a renewed sense of purpose. Over and over again, we see people shifting, expanding and releasing old emotional baggage and energy glitches that somehow ran their subconscious minds for years without being aware of it.

What we are doing as Core Health Facilitators really makes a difference for many people and is incredibly satisfying work. GM Davis has been a supporter of Core Health for several years as peer review on the board of advisers.

SRC4U is another turning point.

Grand Master David, the youngest martial arts Grandmaster in the world, a world class fighter, and a Grandmaster in Qigong, has spent the better part of the last four years creating a software that he describes as a Qigong Enhancement Tool.

His knowledge and dedication to humanity are unparalleled in my experience and I recognize the magnitude and value of this tool he has created for the long term. The name of his software is SRC4U  and you can find out more here:


There are two ways to try the software for free:

  • Download a copy of the free Ultra Lite version to keep.
  • Download a 2 week trial of the Premium SRC4U version

There are also 4 links to different articles at the top of that page – 3 of them about Grandmaster David.

There is nothing to loose by trying it and – who knows – it just might work.  It won’t cost you anything to try.

Health, old technology, 21st century technology and modern science are really coming together. Check this out and try the software for yourself.

We’d love to hear back from you.

Having an awesome day in Sarasota, Fl…

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Core Health Facilitator and I Love Qigong.

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