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Qigong Sarasota – Time, Dates and Participation Fee

by Michael on July 22, 2009

Qigong Sarasota – Time, Dates and Participation Fee

If you are thinking of joining us at Siesta Key Beach for the Rejuvenation Energy  Alignment class to get healthy, here is what you need to know next:

So,  write this down and set your clock for an early wake up call!

Classes start August 10, 2009

Classes start at 7:45 a.m. meeting by the Blue Guard Tower on Siesta Beach so we can finish the sessions before the sun gets too hot. We plan to have 90 minute classes and bear in mind that this includes chanting, meditation and discussions in addition to the qigong and yoga segments.

We will do the physical part first.

This class is designed to work for all adult ages – most especially the 45+ age group – but again, all are welcome. There is no strain or struggle here – just renewal and individual improvement. 

We will gladly adjust our program to fit your needs and we will do so while keeping you within the framework of  the class. There is no need ever to do more than you can. Commitment and desire for healthy longevity is really the key to your success.

As they say, 80% of success is just "showing up!"

We are offering the class Monday through Thursday and recommend that students consistently attend 3 days a week for maximum benefit.

Get your positive mental attitude polished up and your attitude of gratitude firmly in place and bring your energy right on down to the beach.  Along with that bring a towel or a mat, your swimsuit and some nice cool water. 

We will be cooling off with a walk in the ocean of prosperity! 

We want YOU with US!

More information here:

About Qigong and Tibetan Yoga at Siesta Beach here.

Qigong Sarasota

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