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Qigong Sarasota Healthy Exercise – Benefits and How It Works

by Michael on July 30, 2009

Qigong Sarasota: Benefits and How It Works

The Rejuvenation Energy Alignment class…

The maximum benefit for students occurs when they commit to attending for at least 60 days. We say this because we know from experience that this gives the student enough time to throroughly learn the techniques, and develop the strength and skills which become habits.

It is human nature that once we create a habit we will stick with it.

We have also seen that once a student gets through the first 60 days, they do not want to stop attending because they feel so much better. With any fitness routine, the effects are cumulative and greater with time. We find friendships to be that way too!

Many participants may want to continue with the original training program but others will want to further develop their skills and learn more advanced techniques. Should a member of our group choose to stop attending after 60 days, they would be well equipped to continue their practice on their own and continue to maintain the benefits of the practice wherever they may be. We want you to take it with you and we would make a video for you to workout with if you complete the 8 week course and need to leave the group.

Helping you help yourself to strength, energy, and renewed vitality via a group workout is what we are here to do. Together we can embody healthy longevity with commitment, patience and love.  AND we can have fun together too!

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Qigong Sarasota

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