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Presidential Health Freedom Score Card

by Michael on October 4, 2007

You’ve got to be kidding…

There is a lot going on in the federal government you probably don’t know about.

And you and everybody else you know, should – including your representatives in Congress.

I get a regular email from the Natural Solutions Foundation. These guys are pretty diligent from what I see. I have just read the contents of a fax/email they generated to make it easy for subscribers to send this letter to all presidential candidates.

By the way, the two times that I tried to send it, something blocked the email and it bounced. These guys get hacked all the time because somebody wants to keep them quiet.

Natural Solutions Foundation Are Not Crackpots

If you read the content of the email/letter they crafted – in detail – I am convinced that it will get your attention. If you ever had the impression these guys were crackpots, you’ll probably change your mind.

You can read it here: Presidential Health Freedom Score Card

Scroll down the page about half way and read #1 on the left side of the page.


There is a lot of meat in the message, stuff I was not aware of and this surprised me.

My conclusion is that this a ‘real’ watchdog group really taking care of business.

I urge you to support them – if not financially – just with encouraging an awareness campaign and telling people you know to look at what they are saying.

This is really important stuff relative to your health freedom and future generations.

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