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Physical Conditioning

by Michael on December 29, 2007

My Personal Physical Conditioning Choices

I think Pilates is effective training for health overall. There are also some very effective systems in Yoga. I have not personally participated in a pilates training program to date but I intend to for purposes of stretching and muscle tone and upper body work. I have seen amazing results from this training with competent instructors.

Yoga is also very effective but doesn’t work for my body type. I prefer exercising in the standing position in general. And I am not very good at tying my legs in knots and never have been.

Actually the reason I prefer an alternative to Yoga practice primarily is a function of the way the energy moves in my body. I find it energetically disturbing – personally – to push the energy up into my upper chakras, as opposed to circulating it evenly and in accordance with my natural energetic flow.

Some people function better activating the higher energy centers and concentrating on that development. In my case, operating from a more physically grounded perspective with my root energy and kidney energy as the focal point works much better for my energetic balance.

Otherwise I get a sense of being frenetic – kind of like drinking too much coffee – in my upper energy centers. It gets me really amped up and I have to recalibrate and ground myself to function correctly.

But there is no doubt, yoga is cool stuff. It’s just not my thing.

My Favorites

Internal style gung fu and chi gung practice.

To me this is the most comprehensive training available for:

  • internal and external health
  • emotional and mental balance
  • energy cultivation and storage

This has been an interest of mine since the early 70’s although I did not actually work with the right teacher until 1988. I like the energy aspects of this type of training – almost like a combination of the following:

  • acupuncture without needles
  • a gigantic internal vibrational tuning fork and
  • a “bio-energetic” battery charger

It feels like you plug in and recharge. As far as physical tone goes, I have never achieved a better overall physical condition of tone or balance as I have with this practice.

The draw back is finding the right teacher and it makes all the difference. As a good rule of thumb, if you are a diligent student for 3-4 months and do not see significant results, find another teacher.

The Total Gym

As far as a ‘burn’ goes in a workout, I get results very quickly with a Total Gym. You know the machine that Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley have endorsed for a long time.

The Total Gym workout is a subtle and yet very comprehensive process. When I followed the instruction videos that came with the machine, I felt a good solid burn in about 5-7 minutes consistently.

In addition, I like this machine because it is very effective for creating limber muscle tone and a really comprehensive stretching and flexibility. I think this machine can be calibrated to almost any physical body type to create an effective program for each individual.

Another benefit I really like is that it creates useable strength like Gung Fu practice does.

I’ve never understood the advantage of 30 inch biceps if you can not effectively scratch your own shoulder.

Relax guys – just a joke…

Riding Bicycles

I think riding a bike is great exercise and is really fun – something couples can do regularly. Regardless of what other programs you’re involved in riding bicycles is both great exercise and great time to talk and share things while you get the blood pumping.


Everybody should walk every day. Period. Until the day you die. Overall it is the best exercise and it always feels good. If you’re not walking now, start.

Physical Conditioning Can Change Your Life

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