Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett was born in San Francisco and raised in Berkeley, California. He lived for 28 years in California, 9 years in Montana, 16 years in Seattle, WA and then traveled the US for 5 years. Subsequent to that travel, Michael lived in Sarasota – Florida for 3 years and spent 3 months in Costa Rica.

Since 1971, Michael studied what makes people tick – both the inner us and the outer us – with a tireless focus on what works, and why is this person successful and healthy and this one not.

Physical Stuff:

His training from 1971 to 1975 includes two years in Japanese Karate and two years Wu Style Tai Chi. In 1988, 380 clock hours of combined internal Gung-fu and Qigong instruction and then four years intensive training in Qigong during the mid 90’s.  In addition, he practices Tibetan Rites regularly and walks every day for distance.


Michael is not a diet fanatic – more of a lifestyle fanatic.

“A little bit of good all the time is way better than a lot of good sporadically. Consistency is the key to health, creating a healthy lifestyle and improvement.”

Yet diet is important. After many types of diets over 40 years from macrobiotic in the late 70’s to lacto veggie to game meat in Montana, it all boils down to eating intelligently, listening what the body says it wants and likes and following that “inner voice”.

High quality hydration is important and eating balanced organic or local farm raised natural food is important. Food additives like high fructose corn syrup and processing that kills all the enzymes have more negative impact than most people realize.

“We supplement with high quality natural protein shakes and greens and krill oil. We also eat lots of good quality Omega 3 rich foods, oils and the right kind of fats. Balance is the best thing. Eating frequently – when hungry – and in moderation helps a lot. Also it’s important to match body type and metabolic type to food combining. We do not eat any GMO or High Fructose Corn Syrup.”

In addition to physical training and awareness, Michael has been taking courses and classes, reading books, researching and attending seminars and workshops intensively since 2001.

Changing Lives…

Barrett is an active workshop facilitator, trainer, author, blogger and an energy transformation coach facilitating live workshops as well as private and remote personal coaching sessions. He is an advocate of exceptional health as a Qigong Practitioner since 1988 and active Certified Core Health Facilitator.

He is passionate about how to be healthy, and the internet and now resides outside of Sarasota, Fl where he writes, does internet SEO, teaches Qigong and does workshops and private coaching sessions guiding people through the process of releasing old emotional baggage and uncovering the true self within through self in-powerment.  The results speak for themselves: Core Health Testimonials.

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