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Meditation To Be Healthy – Path to Inner Health

by Michael on January 8, 2011

Meditation is a good way to be healthy. It is a path to inner health.

Are you meditating yet? You should be because it helps change the internal landscape.

In today’s society, meditation is now more important than ever for health because it teaches us to quiet the neural net and calm ourselves internally.

For me this video is a prefect tool for a deep short meditation because it creates such an energy of harmony and inner quiet. Meditation is a really the conscious act of allowing. When we get quiet enough and allow the external noise to fade away from our focus and thoughts, we allow ourselves to hear the gentler, quiet voice within.

Recently I heard the following quote about meditation that I thought was both simple and poignant.

“Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening.”

That makes sense to me.

Meditation harmonizes us to be healthy by balancing the outer us to align with the inner us. It is a very healthy practice to allow the neural net to calm itself and quiet down from time to time. We are subject to too much stimulus in our lives.

Meditation helps relieve stress and quiet the heart. Regular practice is both soothing and very relaxing. Mediatate at least ten minutes a day.

The Tibetan singing bowls are favorites of mine for relaxing and vibrational toning.

I AM Michael Barrett.

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