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Looking ahead to 2008 and 2007 in review

by Michael on December 15, 2007

2007 has been a tumuluous year for my lovely bride to be and myself.

Yet amidst the turmoil and the difficulty we have found solace in the strength of the value we share in our relationship and dedication to growth and change for the better.

There is an expression that sums up a number of experiences in 2007 for both of us,

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

It’s interesting how we share these things. Each of us has a solid and deep inner strength that is singular and yet both supplementary and complementary to one another. When I am facing a weak point, her strength emerges and when she is facing a weak point, my strength alleviates the pain and lack of confidence within her.

And there have been times where we have both gone moderately haywire simultaneously. Yet each and every time we grow closer from the experience, we learn, we improve and we move ahead – even if it’s just a little.

The overwhelming conclusion is that we are an integral part of each other’s soul that is undeniable.

Even when we go through all kinds of changes to remember this fact again – in the midst of challenge and confusion, we always do.

We have developed a habit this year.

Each time we eat, we bless our food.

Each time we need advice or help we reach out and ask for it.

And we both have grown to know that whatever aspect of our lives is too large for us to control or to put into perspective at any given moment of fear or ‘lapse of consciousnes’ (that we humans have such a common tendency to perpetuate) we are learning to let go.

We catch ourselves sooner in this cycle and get back on track sooner.

In this we skill, we have both grown immensely this year.

We are learning to open our hearts and allow that which is – to be – with very little argument. This has taken practise and some days are better than others.

Overall we are learning to use the skills – more frequently than a year ago – to allow, to express our gratitude multiple times a day and to be in the moment.

We are learning that it takes constant vigilence in the face of challenges often beyond our control.

Yet we are learning to give it to the Holy Spirit and free ourselves of the burden and allow things that are beyond our control to happen as they are meant to, making a conscious effort to be aware of the fact that some things are just too big for us.

While 2007 has been one of the toughest years on record for us both. We have grown so much that we both know great things are in store for us. And 2008 will be our best year ever.

May you walk in the Spirit of Peace and joy this season as we move towards the conclusion of December and the rebirth in January.

Bless all of us in our ability to know true compassion and comittment in our daily lives. And may we all grow whole and achieve clarity for a brighter and happier 2008.

This year we have learned how to be healthy spiritually.

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