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HR 2117 and Ron Paul

by Michael on December 2, 2007

HR 2117 and Ron Paul… Some of the stuff Ron Paul says varies completely from my views on the same subjects. But I like him. He’s obviously smart and passionate about his beliefs – unlike some of those guys/gals in Congress who only seem passionate about:

  • keeping their jobs and
  • getting re-elected
  • making decisions and creating policy based on polling data

But on May 2. 2007, he did something very important and everybody out there needs to understand the implications of this bill and why it is so important. Mr. PAUL (for himself, Mr. BURTON of Indiana, Mr. SHAYS, Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland, and Mr. DUNCAN) introduced the following bill – HR 2117 – in the House of Representatives which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Now I don’t know if you have heard about this bill or read about it. But you need to read it and to tell your friends and family about it. Blog it, link it, talk about it in videos, discuss it at work and at the coffee shop. Bring so much attention to it that it shines light on the darkness of this issue and creates public outrage. Your health freedom is being challenged. It is being done quietly behind closed doors and your rights are being eroded incrementally, surreptitiously and with a gentle relentlessness via:

  • administrative order
  • agenda driven members of Congress
  • administrators within the federal government and
  • by Political Action Committees and Lobbyists who are bought and paid for by large financial interests who are not necessarily operating with your best interests in mind

This is really a big deal. Pay attention and get busy today. This issue has Constitutional implications. The best way to expose bad behavior and poor policy within OUR GOVERNMENT (let me repeat that for emphasis) OUR GOVERNMENT is to talk about it. Make those who would usurp power and undermine the rights of citizens without Constitutional authority defend their positions by challenging those positions relentlessly in the digital world. We must do this because the mainstream press will not. It may be hard to accept this for many – but the media are part of this hidden agenda and in many ways they are the biggest culprits because:

  • they know what is going on
  • are in a position to expose this stuff and do something about it and
  • they do nothing.

Congress will do nothing until they get enough pressure from their Constituents. So pour it on folks. Bring attention to their misbehavior and poor judgment and hold them accountable for their actions publicly. Call them all to the carpet and create adequate pressure to get them to back off or get them fired for doing a bad job. Hold them accountable to the will of the people because they work for us. We don’t work for them. We pay their salaries, but most important they are responsible to us. We are their employers. Ron Paul did a good thing on May 2, 2007. Find out what HR 2117 is about and help him, Mr. Burton of Indiana, Mr. Shays, Mr. Bartlett of Maryland, and Mr. Duncan follow through and make this bill law. It is intelligent legislation that is sincerely in the best interest of the people of this country. Read it and do something. Call your Congressman, email 100 people and call your local TV station and newspaper and talk about this. Personally nobody needs to tell me if I can take vitamins or not. I’ve been taking them for 30 years . The FDA and the AMA have nothing to do with this anymore than they have the right tell me which fruits and vegetables I am going to eat and I am sick of this. Period. You should be too because these guys want to regulate you, your food, your vitamins and supplements and RE-CLASSIFY VITAMINS AS DRUGS SO YOU HAVE TO GET A PRESCRIPTION TO BUY THEM. Who do you think would benefit by this? You? Me? Not hardly. This is no joke. Find out why. Here is the actual text of HR 2117. Comment about it here. Send people a link to this article. If you want to be healthy support HR 2117.


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