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How To Be Healthy – live long, live well, die rich

by Michael on May 11, 2009

How to be healthy…

We believe that achieving health is a choice. First and foremost, we need physical balance – kind of an energetic and organic equilibrium. Much of this comes from the inside out. We have to clean up our act.

This equilibrium includes how we deal with our body, what we think about, how we deal with emotions, coming to terms with our internal connection to Spirit and then focusing on financial health. Otherwise, the money won’t stick because until that balance is achieved, we’re just like lotto winners who loose everything within a year or two – because they had a poverty consciousness when they got the money.

First we need to re-establish or recalibrate this equilibrium, then we need to cleanse:

the organic system
the emotional body
our "thinking" patterns

Next we tune back into the Voice of our soul and reconnect. We have to remember where we came from – our Source – and begin to express our gratitude on a regular basis – like every day.

Zig Ziglar says,

"Of all the "attitudes" we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing."

The Law of Attraction

For a lot of years, I have talked about and read about the Law of Attraction. And for a long time, it seemed on some level that it worked for everybody else , but not me. Two key ingredients – that I have learned recently are:

  • faith
  • healthy self esteem

I can tell you with absolute honesty and sincerity  that the Law of Attraction does work and it’s working for me.

Then we when can put all these mechanisms together – in a kind of symbiosis and create ==> Financial Health.

Harv Eker is always talking about the money blueprint and wealth consciousness.  The very same thing and concept applies to health – a health consciousness. In both cases, sustainable results require proactive choices first, and then action. They are not random accidents and they do not happen to us. We attract these results consciously and choose them.

We often get the wires crossed in this sequence focusing on the money first – when we should focus on physical, mental, emotional health and spiritual health FIRST.

What good is being rich if you feel lousy, don’t have any energy or you have a terminal illness. And what good is complete health and vitality if you’re not happy. Money and health consciousness grow together and emerge at the point of total health.

If you want to achieve longevity, live well and die rich, get started with the intention that this is what you are going to accomplish.

This is how to be healthy.

We’re going to talk about different modalities over the coming months and how to grow a lifestyle through a new consciousness that is sustainable and full of joy.

Blessings of Love, Joy, Health and Prosperity.







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