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How Come I Can’t Get Six Pack Abs?

by Michael on July 10, 2008

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors out there about how to get sculpted, trim abs.

And this is definitely an area of vanity that both men and women share – even if they won’t admit it. Most everybody has visions of a ‘cut’ torso and lean trim abs when they look in the mirror. guy_abs3_92x116.jpg

Guys visualize it because women swoon when a cut, muscular man takes off his shirt. Six pack abs are a chick magnet because it’s a sign of virility and it usually makes a guy feel younger when women turn their heads.

And of course all guys turn their heads when a fit lady walks by…

woman_measuring_waist250x327.jpgMaybe it’s the vision of how ‘they used to look’ or how they’ve always ‘wanted to look’ – either way six pack abs have a  pretty strong social appeal. So much so that abs machine manufacturers and late night tv abs machine guys have made a bucket of money selling the six pack.

Abs Machines Do Not A Six Pack Make

I know, I remember buying one of the first abs machines on tv. It appealed to me because the emphasis of that machine was on the obliques and kind of a combo choice of crunch or side to side swivel pivot motion. Little did I know that an abs machine would aggravate old elbow injuries.

Bummer – no six pack.

2000+ Ab Crunches A Day Are Not the Answer…

At the end of the 90’s, I sat behind the wheel 50,000 miles a year – demoing and selling food commercially as a food service broker and living with a classically trained chef. Over several years, I put on 40+ pounds – a little here and a little there – and it was a gradual change because I am over 6 feet and carry extra weight well.

This was the first and last time in my entire life to put on that kind of weight.

In an effort to trim and tune my abs, I joined the gym. For more than six months I went to the gym at 4:30 am – before work – 3 to 4 times a week. Over a few weeks, I built up the number of reps on ab crunches to 2200+ a day. This was not an isolated exercise – because I did a full run on the machines along with the crunches – biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, back and lower back. but I figured if 100 was good 2000 must be better. And my core strength was basically still there it just had a bit of fat on top of it.

Subsequently, I have lost quite a bit of weight. But it wasn’t from abs machines or any machines for that matter. In fact, from my own experience, I have concluded that exercise is not the key ingredient to six pack abs.

It is a component and exercise is important. But food combining, diet and the right kind of exercise are also essential.

I remember a well known radio personality – who lost a lot of weight – contending that eating less was the best way to lose weight – not exercising. And that contrary to popular opinion at the time, aerobics was not the way to lose weight, strength training was.

There has been a lot of controversy about weight loss and fat burning over the last 20 years. Fat free diets, low fat diets, high carb diets, high protein diets, low carb diets, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Hundreds of diets and machines later, the fact remains that never in history have so many people been so fat as they are right now.

  • So either the experts are wrong or maybe they aren’t experts at all
  • Or, the experts love it when people are fat and aren’t telling us the truth.
  • Or there’s more to it than we thought when they started the weight loss industry

Injuries played a role in correcting my weight situation with multiple elbow dislocations on both arms, a severely broken wrist in 2003 and a partially separated shoulder in 2006. My upper body has taken a beating. So a lot of things I had always taken for granted were quite different. For several years, when I tried to do a push up – for example – my left wrist would just give out. Quite a change from the guy that always had incredibly healthy – strong arms and hands – his whole life.

Kind of demoralizing too…

Metabolic Typing and Nutritional Typing

Over the years there have been different programs and books and “discoveries”.

More and more, I think a lot of what constitutes a discovery is a return to ‘common sense’ – rapidly becoming the greatest oxymoron in modern society.

Eating whole, fresh, natural foods is the best thing for the body. Always has been. We need carbs, fat and protein in our diet to be healthy. And we need the right kind of fat to lose weight. Just like we need to exercise, sleep right and drink lots of water. You don’t need a PhD to know that and I’ve been following that protocol for most of my life because it just always made sense to me. I’ve never liked the taste of processed food and have rarely eaten it throughout my life. Same with fast foods.

I have never taken a ‘nutritional’ or a ‘metabolic’ typing test but the concept made sense to me the first time I heard it. And over the next few months, I’m going to take both tests to see how the results match up with my own understanding about my body and also to make adjustments as necessary.

Please note we are not affiliated with either Dr Mercola or  But here are two links: Dr Mercola and you can search here for “nutritional typing” to find out more about it. Also here are the guys that offer the metabolic typing test.

For example, I have always known that I am a grains guy. I love to eat organic whole short grain brown rice. I love organic steel cut oats, whole wheat and legumes. I have often said that if I could only eat one food it would have to be short grain brown rice. When I eat it, my body feels good.

I have believed for a long time that different people should eat different foods because I always observed how my kids responded to what I fed them – by watching what they liked to eat and their response to foods over a period of time – not just their physiological response, but also behaviorally. I observed their sleeping patterns, physical energy and behavior and learned to tune their foods to their needs without telling them. We always ate healthy foods.

So I think that portioning and “proportioning” are essential ingredients to health and maybe are at the root of metabolic rates and efficiencies.

The Truth About Abs – Really

Currently, I’m studying a book and course that I bought written by a guy named Mike Geary, a personal trainer and certified nutrition expert. Besides being smart and a very good communicator, the guy is in awesome shape.

mike_geary_1_250x187.jpgI looked at Mike’s course online for quite a while before I bought it. I’m about half way through it right now and I have to say that it is the first book that I have read in a long long time that makes sense to me about abs conditioning, the real facts. Based on my search and trials of different machines, training regimens and diets related to abs, I think I have adequate experience and background to make that assessment. Also I have at a times been in extremely excellent shape via martial arts.

This is a picture of Mike Geary.

Much of what he says corresponds to my own knowledge based on experience and observation over the years. I like Mike’s information so much I want to include it as a component of my new course I’m creating right now because all the info I was going to include in that section is already in his course.

I am going to follow Geary’s abs program for the next couple of months and I’ll show you the results.guy_abs1_250x167.jpg

But he’s so right on. What a great course.  I’m convinced I finally have come across the secrets to obtain my first ever – real set of Six Pack Abs. He discusses the causes of modern obesity, nutritional guidelines and how to eat properly during training – along with a bullet proof set of exercies that anyone can do. His program is set up on levels of skill from 1-8. What a cool course, I love this course.

In the near furture we plan to interview Mike and post the interview online. We are affiliates of Mike and completely support him. We think you will too after you get his stuff.

I highly recommend The Truth About Abs. You get tons of bonuses – and not just filler fluff either  – but that’s not the reason to buy it. I’m telling you personally it is one of the best information resources I have ever purchased and I whole heartedly recommend it. You will not regret it. If you follow Mike’s instructions, you will be able to get Six Pack Abs yourself.

How Come I Can’t Get Six Pack Abs? Because you have had the wrong information.

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annie scheele June 20, 2012 at 4:04 am

Yes old school push ups are really efficient for burning fat. At first they can seem daunting but you will progress quick while you master your personal pounds before moving on to more advanced chest presses like the bench press.


Michael Barrett June 20, 2012 at 5:52 am

When I wrote that article, my intention was to point out that much of the hype on late night TV infomercials about “abs” was not true. Subsequent to that time, I learned that riding a bicycle: 7-10 miles a day builds abs better than crunches. I have learned personally that burning body fat is the key to good abs. Exercise is secondary.


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