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Healthy Thinking – Change Your Mindset – Choose Health

by Michael on May 10, 2009

We Think by Default Most of the Time…

The reason is we are so conditioned to respond and ‘react’ to what happens in the world around us that many times we are not present when life is actually happening. We choose to respond in a way that ‘limits our exposure’ or indirectly seeks acceptance and approval from the outside. We speak carefully and we mince our words instead of fully living who we are.

It may sound trite but the reality is that all we have to do is change what we are thinking about and choose different language in our minds and speech. We can make that choice at any time. Something along the lines of:

"I choose to be authentic and be who I am instead of what other people expect me to be. I choose to use language that supports my higher good and empowers my life instead of diminishing it or myself in any way."

That part of the process is easy. The hard part can be letting go of the belief that:

  • we are not worthy or
  • we might offend someone or
  • we won’t be accepted

This change requires a couple of things. We need to use our faith or develop faith if we haven’t yet done that. We have to choose to completely ignore what other people think about us – that is – give our self permission to do and be whatever we choose.

There have been times – and it has been struggle for me – when I have felt uncomfortable allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of other people.

But not any more. It’s not that the change was hard, it was the ‘letting go’ part that was hard for me. It has been my experience that this particular issue is a biggie for many people.


Talk About Healthy Thinking

Here is a picture of Jessica Cox – an armless Martial Artist and Pilot !!!

But I got an email today from Jim Bouchard today with a link in it to his latest Power Pod cast entitled Jessica Cox: Creating Her Own Wings.

This is such an inspiring story that I thought it might be enough of a motivator to help readers to stop feeling sorry for themselves. I thought it might be a trigger to snap out of the process of focusing on limitations and start focusing on capabilities and opportunities.

You think she has limitations? Just try doing what she is doing with her feet – nunchaku.

If there were ever a person who deserves the right to feel sorry for herself, it would be Jessica Cox, but she doesn’t. In fact from the discussion, it is clear to me that her self esteem is healthier than most people I know.

This interview is a really good example of why healthy thinking is so important and that you can change your mindset and choose health.

If Jessica can be a highly sought after motivational speaker, a black belt, and a pilot without arms, what’s holding you back?

We are going to start doing a whole series of posts about healthy thinking, self esteem, returning to self-love and learning how to forgive ourselves.

These topics, interviews and blogs are all leading to a series of workshops and live events where learning the skills of a healthy lifestyle, self healing and "choosing health" is the primary purpose. Hands on workshops where we learn and participate.



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