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Healthy = 93% Non-physical…

by Michael on December 25, 2009

Health is only partially about the physical.

If you’re like me this probably makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. I felt that way at first – after all those years of being self-righteous and “doing all the right things”.

I thought to myself…

“Something is not right with this picture.

How could physical health only be 7% of the whole solution?

You mean to tell me, that I have spent 100% of my time and energy around being healthy on what can only produce 7% of the results?


Seems to me that I’ll get a lot more results if I focus most of my energy on the other 93%.”

I recently had this discussion with Neil Habgood – a fellow Core Health Facilitator – during a lunch break at a training. Neil is an experienced certified personal trainer and a natural health professional. During our discussion, we acknowledged that it took both of us some time to adjust our belief system to accept this new information – being so focused on the physical aspects of health for so long.

As a culture, Americans are so conditioned by the fitness and nutrition industries to join health clubs, buy lots of vitamins, eat organic and spend 100% of our time and energy – regarding our health – on the physical:

  • studying and taking courses,
  • practicing and training so many hours a day,
  • burning ‘x’ number of calories and
  • eating, sleeping and thinking about working out and staying on a diet.

Yet in spite of all the huge efforts being made by people and organizations that want to bring health awareness into the mainstream including:

  • all the infomercials for home gym equipment
  • weight loss commercials and programs
  • fitness and training dvd’s
  • the millions of books, magazines and websites published on health
  • the entire collective efforts of the natural and alternative health industries
  • all the athletes, martial artists, yoga practitioners, skiers, swimmers, long distance bicyclists and runners
  • as well as companies like Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

!!! less than 50% of adults in the US exercise regularly !!!

What’s up with that?

Source: J Kruger, PhD, HW Kohl III, PhD. “Prevalence of Regular Physical Activity Among Adults — United States, 2001 and 2005.” MMWR Weekly. November 23, 2007 / 56(46);1209-1212

Perhaps the magnitude of the agenda on the other side of the coin is just too large. After all we are constantly bombarded with:

  1. advertising from big pharmaceutical companies
  2. recommendations from allopathic medicine (aka the A.M.A.)
  3. rhetoric from Congress (and I capitalize that reluctantly out of respect for the founders)
  4. the insurance industry
  5. the weight loss industry and
  6. the media

programming us that we are all sick and dying and to turn over our personal responsibility for health to a third party “who knows what’s better for us than we do.”

No wonder we’re confused…

So Where Did the 7% and 93% Figures Come From?

It seems to be a naturally occurring ratio of human consciousness that correlates to the idea that 93% of everything is about energy. Like the number ? in mathematics or the Plank’s constant in quantum physics – the 7% , 93% ratio seems to be a consciousness constant – like the 80/20 rule applied to awareness.

Recently more of these relationships seem to be popping up. For example many of us who have attended self-development seminars and read the books know about this one:

93% of communication is not verbal According to

That means only 7% of communication is verbal

In Dr Ed Carlson’s training, Core Health,  we learn that:

7% of health is physical and

93% of health is attitudinal

The validity of this concept is measurable using the method of comprehensive kinesiology developed by Dr. Ed Carlson and Dr. David Hawkins’s scale of human consciousness. This idea is also substantiated by the the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton (author of The Biology of Belief) who shows through his research in Biology that the membranes of cells are actually the ‘brains’ of the cells – not the nucleus as previously believed. Lipton proved that the function of the nucleus is reproduction, not cellular control.

Lipton shows that the membranes have receptors that are activated by vibrational frequencies specific to the function of each cell and when those receptors are activated, this triggers specific protein synthesis.

Long story short, since the brain is the central control mechanism for signals sent to the cells, the vibrational patterns of our beliefs actually trigger receptors in the cells.  The mind, in essence, can overide existing vibrational patterns and actually morph the cells. It can make a healthy cell weak or convert a cancer cell to a healthy one. That’s what the placebo effect is all about.

The net is that our belief systems actually control the physical biology of our cells – no matter what we believe. When we change the beliefs and change the energy, we change the biology and the cells.

So energy (the vibrational composite of who we are) is the 93% of the health equation that is non-physical.

For the sake of argument, if it were possible to change the ‘energy’ directly, that would have a significantly greater impact on overall health than the physical 7%, would it not?

We actually have the tools to learn how to do this now – by construct, not accidentally or spontaneously:

Core Health and Heart Forgiveness.

Using these energy tools,  we can actually change our energy decisions and choose things that enhance our life energy instead of diminishing it.

I’m not saying that physical health isn’t important, because it is.

Being 100% healthy physically is just as important as it always has been. Consider this: if only 1/2 of 1% of our ~50 trillion cells are cancerous that’s ~250 Billion cancer cells. So 100% physical health is critical.

Only now we know that energy health is a much bigger part of the puzzle than we thought.

There is another side benefit of making new energy decisions. When you realign your your natural core of health in the energy, many physical aspects correct automatically. Fix the inner and the outer improves by itself.

Get proactive about expanding your health – the 93% – today. Get in touch today about Core Health and Heart Forgiveness workshops in Sarasota Florida and other parts of the country.

You’ll love the results.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Core Health Facilitator.


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