Health Freedom Protection Act

Health Freedom Protection Act

This is an interesting and important piece of legislation, in my opinion. There is very little coverage about it in the mainstream press. It is a formal reminder, for the record, that government’s power is limited.

If you’re short of time, it basically puts a leash on the FDA and other agencies. Included below are a couple of snippets of the bill and a link to the full bill.

Here is a description of the bill:

110th Congress – 1st Session – HR2117

To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act concerning foods and dietary supplements, to amend the Federal Trade Commission Act concerning the burden of proof in false advertising cases, and for other purposes.


Here a couple of snippets from the text of the bill. Check out what these are saying.

Snippet 1:

`(3) NO IMPLIED CLAIMS- In any investigation commenced by the Commission and in any adjudicative proceeding in which the Commission is a party, the Commission shall not attribute to an advertiser accused of false advertisement any advertising statement not actually made by that advertiser.

Snippet 2:


`Sec. 403B. A truthful and nonmisleading scientific publication reprinted in its entirety and used in connection with the sale of a food or dietary supplement to consumers shall not be defined as labeling and shall not be deemed evidence of an intent to sell a drug. The Secretary shall not restrict in any way whatsoever the distribution of any publication exempt from labeling under this section.’.

My read on Snippet 1 is that the FDA or any other administrative agency will not be allowed to ‘imply’ a claim is being made by someone who hasn’t made that claim.


This sounds a heck of a lot like the IRS to me. My impression of the FDA’s purpose has always been to ‘protect’ consumers. Frankly, if the FDA stops a company from producing bad products, that’s a good thing.

But how can they imply a claim in an investigation, where the subject never made the claim in the first place? To some degree this sounds like guilty until proven innocent to me, does it sound like that to you?

And that reminds me of some Gulag somewhere not the U.S. of A.

This really is a Constitutional issue.

Maybe we should limit the number of lawyers in Congress to reflect their percentage of the total population. I’d kind of like to know what farmers and small business owners and doctors think, not just lawyers.

And how about getting rid of some of the ‘bureauspeek” and start communicating more in regular English.

Why do we need 1oo’s of pages to say we’re not going to do something? Why not something like, “From now on, no more such and such. ”

I like the idea of, ‘Say what you mean, and mean what you say.’

It makes me feel safe around people who are like that and removes ‘un-easiness’ because I know where they are coming from. Have you noticed the same thing?

Link to full text below.
A full summary of the bill is here:

Library of Congress – Thomas

Even if you are not active in politics, this bill has broad reaching potential.

And what’s important to remember here, this bill really is non-partisan. You should be concerned about these issues whether you are a moderate, a liberal or a conservative. Our political views do not exempt us from its implications.

Looking at in another way, if this bill does not pass, you may end up having to get a subscription to buy vitamins and at the very least it may authorize the government – by default – to determine what people “are allowed” to say about vitamins or even scientific research. So find out about this. Please get involved and do your homework.

Personally, I don’t need anybody’s approval to choose which vitamins I want to take nor anybody’s approval to be healthy, do you? And I will continue to say what I think, when I want to whether it’s politically correct or not, particularly where issues about my health choices and my body are concerned.

Where did all that absurdity originate anyway? What ever happened to ‘sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me?’

Bear in mind what the original purpose of the 1st Amendment was all about. It was included in the Supreme Law of the land to protect the citizens from being arrested for speaking out against the government – which had been common practice in England.

And is still common practice in many countries where FREEDOM is a dirty word.

Speak your mind now and do it frequently. Don’t take this right for granted. Speaking out and truly expressing yourself – and how you feel – is part of learning how to be healthy.

Imagine a world without it.

Health Freedom Protection Act

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