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Get a Vitamix If You Want To Be Healthy

by Michael on December 3, 2007

Get a Vitamix If You Want To Be Healthy

For years I’ve had a Vitamix Blender. Come to think of it, we’ve been using that blender for 11 years.

What a cool machine…

Originally I got my “Drink Machine” when I was a foodservice broker selling gourmet ice blended espresso products in the Seattle market. The drink machine is a commercial unit, not available for the consumer market.

Mostly Protein Shakes

Until recently, the primary application has been for making our IsaLean protein shakes (fast becoming our world’s favorite breakfast) with fresh organic fruits, some additional whey protein and often a bit of raw cabbage.

We also use it for ice blended drinks in the hot weather.

We will do a series of videos soon showing our favorite recipes using raw organic fruits and vegetables so you can see for yourself how easy it is to eat healthy food.

Fast food can be really good for you if you know what to eat and how to prepare it. It tastes good too. The part that surprised me the most is how filling and satisfying this style of eating is – completely without meats. Although we do eat some recipes with chicken in them. We’ve pretty much gotten away from red meat altogether, and what happened is that after not eating meat for a while, and feeling really good, our bodies have quickly adapted.

Not that I’m a vegan evangelist or something. One of the primary reasons – for us – is to get away from eating foods that do not contain live enzymes which excludes:

  • All foods that are heated over ~100 degrees F
  • Anything pasteurized

When you get a Vitamix from the factory, they include a DVD and a recipe book that comes divided into these sections:

  • Appetizers
  • Beverages
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Fondues
  • Salad Dressings
  • Syrups and Batters
  • Pureed Foods
  • Desserts

Modify The Healthy Recipes To Your Own Taste

Have Fun With It. That’s what we do. Having fun with healthy food is a great way to encourage the naysayers, kids and family to eat right and start getting the nutrition they need.

First, we always substitute the ingredients with ORGANIC. There’s room for a lot of creativity here and once you get the hang of how the Vitamix works, you can start modifying the recipes to your own taste and to create variety in your diet.

Fast fast fast

One of the great things we like about using our Vitamix is how fast it is to prepare meals. We just cut up some vegies or fruits, add healthy filtered drinking water and turn on the machine. From start to finish most of these meals take less that 5 minutes to prepare with very little clean up time required. This sure takes the pressure off when there are specific time constraints, but it also frees up more time. You should get one and use it every day. You’ll love it. Really. I’m a walking testimonial.

Get A Vitamix And Get Healthy in 2008.

Recently we got a Vitamix 5000. This is a neat machine (although they just came out with the 5200) which supersedes the 5000. You can go to the Vitamix website and watch videos and see all the features. I am fast becoming a Vitamix evangelist. I truly want everybody to get one of these amazing RAW FOODS HEALTH machines because the foods will make you feel so good and you’ll be so happy, you’ll want to send me a large check for changing your life!!!

And since I’m learning how to be a really good receiver – an Attractor/Manifestor – I choose to receive those large checks now for speaking and teaching what I know to people who want to grow and improve their lives – because this is what I love to do the most. This machine is so superior to other blenders , it’s amazing.

– Montel Williams…a Liquidarian? Montel Williams has been on television for 15 years as well as written multiple books. Recently, Montel has written a book called Living Well. On two particular shows, which aired last week, …

– When I opened the bag and saw the VitaMix box, I felt like a kid on Christmas! He bought us a VitaMix!!! He said he was going to save it for Mother’s Day but he knew I would want it for my daily green smoothies. …

– My VitaMix arrived today. That’s one powerful machine! I’m sure I’ll have much more to say about it soon.

– Oh My GOSH! I did it, I finally did it. It took days reviewing, reading and drooling over the 60+ entries. Every idea was just genius! Really, just genius! I didn’t think it was going to be as hard as it was. I really didn’t. …

– I’ve gone 18 years now since I first began my natural health journey, and for the full 18 years I’ve not yet purchased a Vitamix blender or other similar whole food processing blender. I’m now in the market for one and have been …

– Vitamix Video – See how easy it is to make a Vita-mix smoothie and go to for the BEST Vitamix deal on the Internet!


Get a Vitamix If You Want To Be Healthy


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