Eat Healthy Foods

Eat Healthy Foods

You may have heard the expression, “You are what you eat.”

It’s been around a long time in certain circles – kind of a mantra in MLM meetings for years and used in speeches and in the 30 second sound bites that are the currency of traditional media channels. Looking at Google, there is actually a TV show in the UK by that name.

A smart lady in California coined a phrase in the 70’s that modified it a bit. She said, “You are what you assimilate.”

That’s a powerful statement and it goes deep the more you learn about the topic.
What you assimilate is in big part a function of what you eat. You’re probably familiar with the computer expression “garbage in – garbage out”. That came from computer programmers saying that if you put in bad code into software you get bad results.

This analogy holds true for the body. If you want your system to operate as efficiently as possible, give it the fuel it needs to run at optimum levels.

If you put garbage in, what do you expect?

Now this is pretty much common sense. But apparently, in today’s “rush rush got to get somewhere society” common sense is becoming an oxy-moron.

Focusing on our food, on our nourishment and physical replenishment is foundational to the life we live and the attitude we create about ourselves in daily life. Some people – some cultures and most religions – refer to the body as the temple for the soul.
While these interpretations vary a great deal, it has a personal meaning to me. It means that energetic and spiritual clarity requires a clean, healthy and properly functioning body that matches our inner self on a healthy vibrational level.

Like a tuning fork when we tune an instrument. If we match that vibrational pattern to what we really are, we begin to resonate consistently with who we really are – our higher self. That part of us:

  • that always knows the right thing to do
  • where our true creativity lies
  • where we inherently understand and express our compassion
  • that truly loves our self

What is more fundamental to how we function in daily life than
how we feel physically when we get out of bed every morning?

The simplest and most direct approach is to start looking closely at what we put in our mouths everyday. We make the choice every time we eat whether we choose to be conscious about it or not.

Becoming a food fanatic isn’t necessary.

What it necessary is to start thinking about what foods make you feel energetic when you eat them. Start identifying what foods make you feel sluggish or tired or give you gas or make you feel like leaping over tall buildings with a single bound.

You can do this using a number of techniques. Keep it simple. I’ve learned something about human nature. If it is complex, people tend not to do it. Start by taking incremental steps to improvement and keep track of your results.

1) Write down what you eat everyday.
For starters, journal everyday and write down what you eat. This makes it easier to identify the effects of food if you wake up the next day and:

  • feel really tired or
  • are highly energized
  • have more mental clarity than normal
  • whatever…

2) Learn about different foods.
Start reading about what different foods do and learn different ways to prepare meals that are both healthy and appeal to your palate.

If you don’t like the taste, you probably won’t eat it. Tuning your palate to your nutritional needs can take some time. But after a while you’re body literally gets excited about foods that make it feel good.

This sounds kind of weird but it’s true. We have learned to love the taste of foods that are good to us.

3) Eat organic

Start eating organic foods – fresh fruits and vegetables and see the difference for yourself. If money is tight, buy organic when you can and start growing organic vegetables yourself. Seed is cheap.

Organic foods taste better. You actually need less food when you eat organic because they still have live enzymes and are more nutrient rich. They are more satisfying.

4) Eat more fruits and veggies
If nothing else, organic or not, just start eating more fruits and vegetables regularly. We eat lots of vegetables.

5) Get a Vitamix blender.
If you’ve ever been to Costco in store food demonstrations – or to county fairs – you’ve seen the guys with head set microphones doing amazing things with raw fruits and vegetables in their blenders.

I’ve had a Vitamix for about 10 years – although I first got mine to sell and demo Ice Blended Espresso Drinks in the Seattle market. We have been using the Vitamix for protein drinks and blended fruit drinks for some time, but recently we have converted a good portion of our daily diet to blended fruits and vegetables in the Vitamix.


You get a lot of bang for the buck and it is so filling.
Here’s an example: Start to finish, organic tortilla soup, from scratch in about 5 minutes. Clean up is about the same.

If you want to be healthy and feel good all the time, eat healthy foods.

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