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Chlorinated Water

by Michael on November 16, 2007

Speaking of Tap Water…

I never did like the taste of chlorinated tap water as a kid. At some people’s houses I never drank their water after the first time.

I didn’t know why particularly. But after reading an article lately while doing research for Healthy Wealthy Boomer, it all makes sense now why my body didn’t like chlorinated tap water. Along that vein, we think it’s vital that people really understand the negative effects of chlorine in drinking water.

We often hear that we are supposed to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for proper hydration. That statement really refers to 8 glasses of clean, safe drinking water – not necessarily tap water- and, apparently, definitely not chlorinated tap water. Recently I read an article published in 2000 in “The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol 15. 2nd Quarter”, authored by Joseph G Hattersley. Reading this article is quite an eye opener. It’s talking about the negative health effects of chlorine in drinking Water.

You can find it here at this link: chlorinated water

And it’s not just one fringe guy ranting, there are numerous (like 70) scientific citations in the article indicating a widespread understanding of the problems related to toxins in drinking water among scientists. The most interesting aspect of this article is that it is discussing the negative health effects of chlorine in drinking water.

A few quotes from the article:

“Long-term risks of consuming chlorinated water include excessive free radical formation, which accelerates aging, increases vulnerability to genetic mutation and cancer development, hinders cholesterol metabolism, and promotes hardening of arteries.”

“EPA tests have shown that in the water we drink, over 2,100 organic and inorganic chemicals including pesticides, heavy metals, radon, radioactive particles and parasitic organisms including cryptosporidium have been identified; 156 of them are pure carcinogens.”

“Possible Artery Damage: When chlorinated water is run through a hose or carried in a pail followed by milk as in a dairy, ‘very tenacious, yellowish deposits chemically similar to arterial plaque’ form; with un-chlorinated water this doesn’t happen.”

The weirdest part to me about this information is that Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide treatment to clean water and make it safe to drink can be cheaper than using Chlorine and the only byproducts are Hydrogen and Oxygen. This should be all you need to know to ring your “toxin” alarm bell. It did mine.

Cleansing the body of toxins is essential to your long range health. Start by drinking clean water without chlorine – like today – not a year from now. There is a large quantity of information in the search engines about toxins. The purpose of this text is not to demoralize or intimidate, but to motivate and to help people initiate positive change within their span of control.

Take action on things that you can improve today. The first step in creating a solution is identifying what needs to be fixed. It should be clear by now, why we are such adamant proponents of drinking purified and clean water. It is probably the most immediate change we can make in our daily routines to have a direct impact on our health for the least amount of money. Read the article for yourself and see what you think.

If that doesn’t get you asking questions – oh well… To Be Healthy Stop Drinking Chlorinated Water


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