Balance and Moderation To Be Healthy

Balance and Moderation To Be Healthy

Let’s set the record straight.

One of the key components to health is what has become almost an oxymoron in today’s society – COMMON SENSE.

Or to say that more accurately, the lack of it.

Or maybe ‘uncommon sense.’

Sense really isn’t that common anymore. You know:

‘It makes sense to me.’

Here are a few others:

  • the moral sense
  • a sense of humor
  • have you taken leave of your senses?
  • a sense of security
  • he has no sense
  • to talk sense
  • there’s no sense in worrying about the past

Many times ‘health nuts’ are portrayed as ‘on the fringe’, ‘whackos’, whatever – by the mainstream medical community and society.

At we’re passionate about health, but we’re not fanatics. And there is good reason for this.

It’s because we’re informed.

Eating a healthy and natural diet is a choice we make personally because we have more energy when we do and we feel better. But it is not a diet, really. And it’s not the latest fad.

It’s more of a lifestyle:

  • living
  • thinking
  • feeling
  • acting
  • and being healthy

The main concept that we need to consider when we are learning how to be healthy (or healthier) is balance and moderation.

Let’s look at the basics first and simple things anybody can do. We’re not saying don’t eat meat or that everybody has to eat brussel sprouts. We’re saying moderate what you eat.

Mix the foods groups at meals, cut back a little on fat consumption, drink more water and less soda. If you drink alchohol, drink less. Have a glass of red wine with dinner, rather than a bottle.

Watch a little less tv and spend more time laughing with your mate.

Find A Balance

Find a balance that works for you.

And do the things that are not as good for you as others – moderately. If you love chocolate ice cream, eat it. But eat it fewer times a week, eat less at a sitting and eat it after you eat a balanced meal.

It’s an easy thing to do, something within your span of control. It makes you feel good.

Whatever you do, pay attention to how your body feels when you make a choice or a change in your normal patterns. If you eat spaghetti and feel sluggish the next morning, remember that.

Does that mean you shouldn’t eat spaghetti? No. It might mean that you should eat it earlier in the day or maybe it means that when you eat spaghetti you need to eat other foods with it.

Find out what works for you and tune your food intake and combining efforts to your system. With a little work, you’ll feel much better and when you’re eating the right foods for your system, it requires less energy to process them.

The more accuarte your observations, the more appropriate and effective your choices will be. Observation takes practice, particualrly when we are ‘rusty’.

Listen To Your Body, It’s Trying To Tell You

Most of all use your common sense – combined with your senses. Listen to your body, it will always tell you what it wants. We’ve gotten so busy these days that we have forgotten how to listen in many cases.

Take a little time and practice listening to your body. Start a dialog with your body. This may seem strange but it works.

‘Should I do this or not?’

The more you do this, the more you’ll know what to do. All of us have a ‘physical intelligence’. You can think of it as a form of intuition.

What I’m talking about is the type of ‘sense’ you get right before something weird or potentially dangerous happens. That same sense works for things that are normal too – only the body tends not to be as alarming about it, when it is not critical.

Many of us have forgotten how to use our physical intelligence. But it’s there.

Common sense is natural too, try it.

Balance and moderation to be healthy.

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