Whats’ Wrong with Our Food System?

This kid need to be in an influential position regarding international food production, distribution and standardization. He is wise beyond his years and he asks the right, simple questions that all adults should be asking.

This is a short video but the message is excellent and the TED audience obviously loves this kid. Me too.

Healthy food is such an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s time we really get with the program.

If Birke runs for office later, he’d get my vote but my sense is that he will get more done as an organic farmer because he is passionate, fearless and smart. He will develop influence because he has a great message and has something to give.


This To Be Healthy Health Tip: Sore Muscle Massage Oil is from Vintage Remedies…

How many times do you wish you had the perfect potion for aching muscles after pushing it in a workout or using muscles you haven’t used in a while or working in the yard, helping a friend move whatever…

This little three+ minute video is really a simple solution using natural herbs – ginger root, chile and arnica. You add olive oil into the mix and bake it about 2 hours at 250 to infuse it.

Strain it through cheese cloth and keep the oil in a little glass bottle.

Simple and fast.

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